Fast and reliable waiter service.

Improve your waiter experience. The best customer service for bars and restaurants powered by technology.

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How It Works

Step 1

Menu via QR code

The customer sits at the table and scan the QR code with his/her phone. Your menu is presented on the screen.

Step 2

Select items

The customer can select items from your menu and place an order.

Step 3


Your staff (can be at a bar, kitchen or both) receives an order on their phone/tablet/computers and delivers great service.

Enhance your waiter service.

By using the E-Waiter app you can improve your service and reduce costs while ensuring safety for everyone.

Safety first

With customers using their own phones to browse your menu and place orders, you reduce interaction between your staff and customers thus providing safety for everyone while still adhering to safe distancing measures.

No additional equipment needed

No need to buy a tablet for every table, the customer will use their own phone which means less costs.

Ease of use

The customer doesn’t have to wait or wave to be noticed by the waiter. They can browse the menu at any time, place the order and be safe that your staff has received it. Less waiting, happy customers.

Menu in your hands

With a dedicated web app for the staff, you can easily update your menu any time on any device.


The app gives you a great overview of your orders so that you can plan your capacity.


Get your bar or restaurant ready for the 21st century. When your data is in digital form it can immensly improve your service and reduce costs.

Our Plans


$15/ month

  • Web app for every table
  • Web app for staff
  • Basic menu
  • Updatable menu items
  • Predefined categories
  • Organisation of tables
  • QR code generator
  • Limited support
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$35/ month

  • Web app for every table
  • Web app for staff
  • Special deals option
  • Upload images for your products
  • Basic menu
  • Updateable menu items
  • Predefined categories
  • Add new categories
  • Greater customization of menu
  • Organisation of tables
  • QR code generator
  • Faster support
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